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Understanding Humans Using Digital Anthropology

Digital anthropology focuses on the nexus between humanity and digital technology. It explores how humans interact with digital interfaces, how they behave in the context of technologies, and how technologies are being used by humans to interact with one another. It can also be used to understand how people perceive brands in their digital communities and what attracts people to certain brands. The specialty is relatively new in the field of anthropology.

But the recent applications in discovering market insights have fueled its popularity among marketers. In the context of human-centric marketing, digital ethnography provides a powerful way to discover the latent human anxieties and desires that brands should address.

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Several well-known methods that are currently being used by marketers include social listening, ethnography, and emphatic research. Social Listening Social listening is the proactive process of monitoring what is being said about a brand on the Internet, particularly on social media and online communities.

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It often involves social media monitoring software to filter massive amounts of unstructured data from social conversations into usable customer intelligence information. Big-data analytics are often used for the purpose of social listening. WEBC08 10/25/2016 14:52:1 Page 111 Human-Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction 111 Social listening is used in content-marketing evaluation to monitor conversations that happen around distributed content (see Chapter 9).

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It is also a useful tool for identifying leads and understanding prospects in social selling (see Chapter 10). Social listening is also commonly used in social customer relationship management to identify conversations that contain complaints or negative sentiments and potentially lead to brand crises (see Chapter 11). When marketers track the social conversations around their brands and their competitors’ brands, social listening can become an effective tool for competitive intelligence.

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