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Types of Digital Competitive Intelligence: Real-World Examples

Competitive intelligence can offer real-world strategic advantages to business owners. You must understand what your competitors are doing and how they are attempting to win and gain market share. Some business owners think they understand their competition because they may look at financial reporting and other quantitative data about their competitors. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

Those sources alone do not tell the entire story. Competitive intelligence includes mostly qualitative data derived from many sources but it can also include data the market research team obtained. Thus, it is not uncommon to see the CI team make use of data created and maintained by other teams external to the stylishster. One way to think of the difference between competitive intelligence and digital analytics is that competitive intelligence can help qualify and make meaningful the metrics, KPIs, and related analytical trends and data reported by the analytics—within the competitive context:

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  • Technology comparisons: From the technology used for rendering the digital experience, to the databases for storing the data, to the programming languages used to control it all, the CI team can consult various visual data sources to compare a set of technologies used by competitors.
  • Digital audience-reach assessments: Many metrics and digital analytics such as frequency, recency, and time-based measures are part of audience behavior. These dimensions of the audience are different across competing products, services, and companies. Marketing and sales use audience-reach assessments provided by the CI team as tools that help to market and sell.
  • Audience profile comparisons: The characteristics of an audience vary across digital experiences. They vary based on how they use the site, the levels of interaction and social media, the frequency of their visits and Internet usage, as well as how demographic and lifestyle habits differ.

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The CI team may be called in to paint a portrait of the competitor’s audience and compare its characteristics, attributes, and value against the company’s own audience

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