Undergoing any cosmetic procedure can cause someone to feel anxious and stressed out. It is always best to be prepared before undergoing the procedure. When you have had ample time to prep beforehand, the results of the procedure turn out to be much better, and the recovery period is more comfortable than anticipated. To make sure that the recovery period after your Breast Augmentation Miami procedure is comfortable, the following are some tips that you should follow.

Curate your Relaxing Area

After the procedure, you would be required to take a couple of weeks off from work and spend this time resting. To recover properly, you need wholesome rest. This is only possible when you have a stress-free environment and are not surrounded by noisy activities or tasks that you would fixate on. So it is suggested that you organize your home and create a relaxing space before undergoing the procedure. Once you are back home, you are back to a calm and relaxing home environment, with no chores in sight.

Prepare your Bed

The doctors highly recommend that you get up now and then and take short walks after the procedure. This will help to reduce risks and enhance your circulation. Feeling drowsy and tired after the anesthetic is very normal. Drink a lot of liquids and get enough rest. Whenever you are resting, make anxnr that the head of the bed is a little elevated. You can do this by either propping up the mattress or using firm pillows. Please make sure not to take your medication when your stomach is empty, so it is beneficial to keep some snacks handy.

Stock up on your post-op medications

Before you undergo the procedure, the surgeon will provide you with a list of essential supplements. For example, the homeopathic medicine Arnica helps in the reduction of bruising. The list of medications would also include antinauseants and medication to relieve constipation. Make sure you have all the medication in place before the procedure. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Prep Meals

If you plan to spend your recovery time all by yourself, it would be a great idea to prepare your meals beforehand. Though you would be able to cook after the procedure, you might feel sore and tired for the first few days. It is a great idea to prep a few healthy and quick meals and freeze them. This will help you to focus on your rest and not worry about your meals.

Keep Ice Packs Handy

After the procedure, the surgeon will inform you about when and how long you can use an ice pack. Usually, it is only permitted to apply the ice pack for about ten minutes for the first few days. You would need to be mindful about how long you use them, as prolonged exposure can put the skin at risk and even impair the healing process. Whenever you are using a gel pack, make sure you wrap a protective cloth around it.

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