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Informed Customer versus Distracted Customer

We all think that today’s customers are the most powerful. It is valid to say that most of them actively search for information on brands. They make more informed purchase decisions. But despite their higher level of curiosity and knowledge, they are not in control of what they want to buy. In making purchase decisions, customers are essentially influenced by three factors. First, they are influenced by marketing communications in various media such as television ads, print ads, and public relations.

Second, they are persuaded by the opinions of their friends and family. Third, they also have personal knowledge and an attitude about certain brands based on past experiences. The truth is that today’s customers have become highly dependent on the opinions of others. In many cases, others’ words have even outweighed both personal preference and marketing communications. The reason for this is none other than the connectivity itself.

On the bright side, connectivity brings a lot of protection and confidence. In the customers’ minds, their inner circle of friends and family provides protection against bad brands and companies. But connectivity, along with the presence of multiple devices and screens, also brings distractions. It hampers the customers’ ability to focus and often limits their ability to decide.

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Thus, many customers make their decisions by following the wisdom of the crowd. This is further fueled by the low level of trust that customers put in advertising and the limited time they have to compare qualities and prices.

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