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Growing the Market Share

The female market is also a logical one for marketers to pursue. Not only is its size enormous, the segment profile is also distinctive. Highlighting the psychological differences, John Gray metaphorically argues that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” The inherent differences between men and women have been a subject for both psychology and marketing. Many experts have put forth their views about marketing to women. Many products, services, and marketing campaigns have been developed specifically for women.

The influence that women have on others is defined by what they do. Rena Bartos, in her book Marketing to Women Around the World, describes the segmentation of the female market: stay-at-home housewife, plan-to-work housewife, working woman with a job, or career woman. To put it simply, the world of women revolves around family and work. The dilemma they often face is either to choose one alternative or to balance between family and career.

But being more suited WEBC03 10/25/2016 14:32:12 Page 36 36 MARKETING 4.0 to multitasking, women are inherently better managers when it comes to complex, multifaceted assignments, at home, at work, or both. In general, there are three roles that women play. First of all, women are information collectors. According to Martha Barletta, a woman’s decision-making process differs from a man’s.

Whereas a man’s path-to-purchase is short and straightforward, a woman’s resembles a spiral, often going back to previous steps to collect new information and to reassess whether moving to the next step is the right choice. Women typically spend hours in stores reviewing quality and comparing prices as well as hours researching online, while men typically limit their search and go after what they want as quickly as possible.

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Not only do women research more, they also converse more about brands. They seek out the opinions of their friends and family, and they are open to receiving assistance from others. While men just want to get things done, women want to find the perfect product, the perfect service, or the perfect solution.

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