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Starting an interior design business is the dream of many interior design professionals. The procedures and formalities to be completed are fairly standard. And in principle, the creation of the company does not require any specific diploma. However, the launch of the project cannot be improvised. For it to be successful, it is better to prepare in the best possible way. Read the entire article how to start an interior design business.

What is an interior designer?

The interior designer is mainly involved in the planning of interior spaces of:

  • Apartments;
  • Offices;
  • House

It is then not up to him to change the configuration of the rooms or to tear down partitions. Indeed, it is not in charge of modifying the structure of the building, but of embellishing it. Rather, he cares about the ergonomics of the rooms, offering both creative and technical solutions to his clients and respecting the regulations in force.

Regarding the professional qualities of the interior designer, he must above all be tasteful and be both clever and creative. He must also know how to show ingenuity and versatility when presenting projects.

It is good to note that the interior decoration enthusiast can also become a decorator-merchandiser whose mission is above all to stage the windows of a shop. Often, the sets he creates are related to the season or an event. To be able to exercise this profession, it is necessary to have skills in layout as well as in merchandising. Having basic marketing skills is also an asset for success in the field.

Is it possible to set up an interior design business without a diploma?

Creating an interior design business is quite possible, even if you don’t have a diploma in the field. In addition, it is strongly recommended to follow professional training or internships in order to reassure customers and to benefit from a solid foundation on:

  • Knowledge of specific software;
  • The realization of technical drawings;
  • The commercial aspect;
  • Safety standards

During the lessons, the future interior designer also learns to optimize his time and manage the schedule. It should be noted that obtaining a certificate will help it stand out from the competition. Among the post-baccalaureate training courses that can be followed, we can mention the BTS:

  • Space design;
  • The layout of the architectural environment;

What are the steps to follow to start an interior design business?

The creation of an interior decoration company is carried out in a few steps. But, before doing them, it is best to:

  • Learn about the ACRE conditions;
  • Study the possible options concerning the premises;

Build a customer portfolio

Regarding the stages of the creation of the company, it begins with the determination of the activity that one wishes to exercise and ends with the adoption of a good marketing and commercial strategy.

Determine the activity

If the interior designer plans to work as an architect, he will need to have a specific diploma, in addition to having to join the Council of Interior Architects. In addition, in the event that he prefers to do home staging, his activity will be considered unregulated.

And if he also performs artisanal services at the same time, he must register with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. Regarding home staging, it mainly consists in redecorating and highlighting the assets of a property in order to speed up its sale. The concept aims to rearrange and rearrange an interior space to make it more attractive.

Carry out market research

This step is essential to have a perfect knowledge of the state of the activity in the targeted sector. It can be both qualitative and quantitative. On the other hand, it mainly consists of learning about:

  • The state of competition;
  • The intended audience;
  • The needs and financial means of the target;
  • The dynamism of the activity in the geographic sector;
  • The volume of demand;
  • The services offered.
  • Prepare the project

Before launching the project, it is essential to:

  • Work on the price list;
  • Work on the concept;
  • Draw up an effective business plan;
  • Prepare a canvassing plan;
  • Prepare a communication plan;
  • Complete the formalities for setting up a business.

Become known

Faced with competition, the success of a project depends above all on communication work. It is just as important to post classified ads or to prepare a canvassing plan that aims to promote the interior design business. It is even advisable to:

  • Participate in trade shows in order to target clients in their geographic area;
  • Build on word of mouth;
  • Give its customers the possibility of leaving their opinions on a professional site;
  • Set up a sponsorship system.

Build new customers

Through direct sales, customers potentially interested in the company’s services will be more likely to contact the company. This technique can be done directly with them or by phone calls. Being on social networks is also a great way to interact directly with several potential customers. The creation of a website also makes it possible to position one on the search engines and to attract their attention on the Internet.

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