Confidence-Based Learning in Investment Analysis

We start from the classical definition of knowledge as justified true belief. Usually talking about a real and true answer is difficult and complex. so it has replaced the concept of true by “right” somehow to suggest that such knowledge is recognized among the group that is grouped so it is ready to establishing rules on a particular subject area.

Usually experienced teachers are able to recognize when a student masters the subject, if studied as agreed, or if they can adequately reflect on the concepts seen in class, the degree of understanding of different readings, the use of vocabulary appropriate specialist, and so on.

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All these perceptions, together with the tone of voice used, the degree of security in the responses gives the teacher sufficient evidence on the level of knowledge a student possesses. The term professional is used here according with the International Standard classification of occupations (ISCO):”Professionals increase the existing stock of knowledge, apply scientific or artistic concepts and theories, teach about the foregoing in a systematic manner, or engage in any combination of these three activities” [ 6 ]

Regarding to Finance and Administration, Department managers plan, direct and coordinate the internal administration or financial operations of the enterprise or organization, under the broad guidance of the directors and chief executives, and in consultation with managers of other departments or sections. In this sense, Cuando se trata de evaluar el conocimiento nos encontramos con un reto fenomenal como es el de establecer las reglas por las que hay que premiar determinado tipo de conocimiento y penalizar otras, teniendo en cuenta los dos parámetros expresados anteriormente:

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el nivel de conocimiento mediante su aproximación para la corrección de la respuesta, y el nivel de confianza mostrado.PrPppppoiuoiuiouioejfjkdjfkjdInjjjkdkdkdkdwe have a phenomenal challenge as is to establish the rules by which we must reward certain kinds of knowledge and penalize others, taking into account the two parameters previously expressed:

Last Words:

the level of knowledge through its approximation to the correct answer and the confidence level showed. To be useful to a person, the knowledge must not only be acquired, but also retained or remembered [5].

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