Combining techniques for choosing and caring for dog clothes appropriately

Into October It’s late and early winter. Many people who own dogs prepare to buy clothes for their dogs, right? There is a wide variety of fashionable kuoser dog jackets  for dogs to choose from. Whether it’s color, size, or price, but did you know that choosing clothes for dogs? You have to choose as much as buying clothes for people.

Cleanliness must come first

Buying new dog clothes may not be a problem. But for those who use human clothes converted into dog clothes, cleanliness must be taken into account as well. Cleaning should be thoroughly washed and dry in the sun to make sure no moisture remains. And dog clothes should not be worn repeatedly because it is a reservoir of bacteria and germs which may cause a foul smell and subsequent skin diseases

Choose the right size for your dog

Your dog is a small or large breed choosing clothes to suit your dog’s body size and if the dog is wearing clothes that are too tight. This makes the dog uncomfortable, uncomfortable, impeding movement making it difficult for the dog to move but if left to a dog wearing too loose clothes, the dog may trip over the clothes. The best way to buy clothes is to measure your dog’s body to make sure your dog is getting the best size clothing for his body shape.

You can follow fashion, but be careful about hot weather

When in the sun without wind, do not wear a shirt on the dog because dogs are not able to evaporate heat from their bodies, unlike humans. Dogs can cool down in only 3 ways: Cooling only through panting, through the nose and paws. Most people are cooled by sweat through their skin. This allows dogs to cool down more slowly than humans. Therefore, avoid wearing thick dog clothes in the sun because it can cause heat stroke or severe Heat Stroke can cause the dog to die.

As you can see, your dog’s clothes are no longer a small thing, keeping them clean is important. In addition to the clothes, the dog’s body must also be clean. 

Dog-cat clothes Growing business in the pet market

There is a wide welcome from customers. “The kuoser dog life jackets have a unique design because it has its own style. There are dresses for summer, winter and rainy season. In the past, 20 designs have been designed. One style took 2-3 months to sell out; all of them have no left. Because there is no new production now I’m looking for a new style of clothing to fill in.” their interest turned to the pet clothing business, starting from Kuoser, who was an animal lover before. The house has many dogs – cats. In his spare time, he likes to dress up his dogs including wearing clothes, combing fur, adding jewelry with such motivation so invest with friends to catch the business.

Kuoser said that she made pet clothes. The cost is quite high. Because many craftsmen sew by hand In addition, the fabric to be cut must be a good fabric. It is resistant to bites or scratches of a dog – cat the bestselling clothes are dog clothes because dogs wear clothes longer than cats. In addition, dogs like to dress up, such as jackets, jeans, and dogs like a lot; it is fashionable to wear in winter.

“While the cat is an easily irritated animal. I don’t like to wear shirts for a long time. The shirt market is very inferior to dogs. But the one that can be sold now is shirt collars, scarves, etc.”

Kuoser market focuses on making booths at various pet events. In addition, there are about 4-5 wholesale shops to pick up and sell them. However, the pet clothing market in the eyes of this young businessman still thinks that can go a long way because nowadays Thai people are very popular with dogs. They like to dress up dogs-cats and love dogs like children so I try to find good things for my dog.

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