In search of some of the best 2D animation software that is either premium or free for use? Or looking for the ones that are used by professionals or running a 2D animatin company? Then here is the answer to all your queries.

In this article, we are providing you complete information about different software that can be used by beginners, professionals, or by different animation studios. So, let’s get started here and see which software is the best fit for your use.

1. Adobe Character Animator

Real-time animation can be quite tough when it comes to character animation. The adobe character animator helps you in many ways when it comes to character animation. The character animator uses the movement and expressions of a human and helps you to convert it into an animation.

Moreover, you can now easily animatedly convert any character by using your webcam that is supported by Adobe Sensei AI.

You can easily import art from illustrator or photoshop and add gestures to it by using the keyboard or MIDI devices.

You can easily save movements by using different buttons rather than using keys for it and this will eventually help you in remembering the movement of your character.

2. Adobe Animate

Now animation is made easy using Adobe Animate. You can use Adobe Animate to create interactive animation either it is for a game or any TV show. Easily add life to the cartoon or banner ads. If you are designing an eLearning content or an infographic you can also use this software.

The best part of Adobe Animate is that you can easily publish your animation to a different platform and can also export it in any format.

No matter what device your audience is using you can easily export it in multiple formats for different platforms like Canva, HTML 5, and many more.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook says that an idea plays a major part in creativity. Either there are fully conceptual sketches, or you want a fully finished artwork Autodesk Sketchbook will help you out in it. Sketching is considered the heart of the creative process.

Nobody knows when the idea strikes a person’s mind but whenever it does you can easily create a sketch using a fast tool that can showcase any of the creative processes.

4. Harmony ToonBoom

Toon Boom Harmony is made for 2D animation and is considered the most efficient one in this field. It is seen that most of the 2D animation companies use ToonBoom Harmony for creating some of the industry-standard videos.

5. Autodesk 2D Drawing And Drafting

The process of creating and editing the technical drawing followed by annotating designs is known as 2D drafting and drawing. Most of the drafters use different CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that helps in developing some of the basic plans like floor plans, building permit drawing, building inspection plans pr landscaping layouts.

There are many different uses of Autodesk 2D Drawing and Drafting software but majorly it is helping in technical drawing.

6. Powtoon

If you want to grab the attention of your audience then Powtoon can be the right platform for designing the video for your brand.

Powtoon is proven to be the most pagalsongs effective in the formation of video which helps in better communication through videos and using a different forms of text styles to grab the attention of the audience.

Keeping the video length short and simple you can easily get what you are looking for.

7. Animaker

If you are a beginner and not knowing how to create an impressive 2D animation, then Animaker is designed for you. Animaker helps in creating not only the animations but also the Live-Action videos for every pace of life.

Most people consider Animaker as the best platform for creating 2D animations. Not only people if you visit any 2D animation company most of the companies prefer using Animaker for making some masterpieces for their clients.

8. CelAction 2D

If you want to add some of the professional touches, then this software is made for you. CelAction 2D is professional software that is newtoxicwap majorly used in the creation of films, TV series, or commercials. Most of the top-notch animators choose CelAction 2D as their choice for high-quality and high-volume video production. Having the feature of vectors and/or bitmaps, character modeling that can be easily changed and reused in anyways.

For characters, modeling skeletons are created which help in adding movements in a variety of ways giving the animation process a faster touch.

9. FlipBook

Now it is easy to learn animation with FlipBook. You can easily learn the principle of animation by using the FlipBook software.

Why FlipBook is easy? The reason behind this is that it works tnmachiweb exactly in the same manner as you expect it. Whether you want to draw with a pencil or paint by using a brush or fill a shape using a bucket you can easily do this by using FlipBook.

If you are not familiar with the software, you can easily do it by watching the tutorial. No need to spend week and months on isaidubnews learning this software just start using and find the attractive features by yourself.

10.  Moho Pro

When it comes to creating an amazing Moho Pro can be one of your choices for this situation. Offering a powerful 2D animation platform in the industry it easily mixes with all the traditional tools and helps the animator in obtaining todaypknews professional results in a much faster way.


Here is the complete list of animation software that is used by different 2D animation company and is helping beginners as well in starting their career as an animator.

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